Free Labor: Producing Culture for the Digital Economy

  title={Free Labor: Producing Culture for the Digital Economy},
  author={Tiziana Terranova},
  journal={Social Text},
  pages={33 - 58}
Working in the digital media industry is not as much fun as it is made out to be. The “NetSlaves” of the eponymous Webzine are becoming increasingly vociferous about the shamelessly exploitative nature of the job, its punishing work rhythms, and its ruthless casualization ( They talk about “24–7 electronic sweatshops” and complain about the ninety-hour weeks and the “moronic management of new media companies.” In early 1999, seven of the fifteen thousand “volunteers… Expand
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It Takes an iVillage: Gender, Labor, and Community in the Age of Television-Internet Convergence
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Governance of labor in digital video networks
  • Adam Fish
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • iConference
  • 2011
This paper argues for an inductive model of analysis that considers these two perspectives within the context of practices within the sites or systems themselves, and presents one social enterprises that navigates the utopic and dystopic positions presented above. Expand


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