Free Boundary Problems for Nonlinear Wave Systems: Mach Stems for Interacting Shocks

  title={Free Boundary Problems for Nonlinear Wave Systems: Mach Stems for Interacting Shocks},
  author={Suncica Canic and Barbara L. Keyfitz and Eun Heui Kim},
  journal={SIAM J. Math. Analysis},
We study a family of two-dimensional Riemann problems for compressible flow modeled by the nonlinear wave system. The initial constant states are separated by two jump discontinuities, x = ±κay, which develop into two interacting shock waves. We consider shock angles in a range where regular reflection is not possible. The solution is symmetric about the y-axis and on each side of the y-axis consists of an incident shock, a reflected compression wave, and a Mach stem. This has a clear analogy… CONTINUE READING
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