Free, esterified and glucosidic sterols in cocoa butter

  title={Free, esterified and glucosidic sterols in cocoa butter},
  author={K. Staphylakis and D. Gegiou},
Sterol lipids of cocoa butter (cocoa beansLome Tongo) were fractionated into free sterols, steryl esters (SE), steryl glucosides and acylated steryl glucosides (ASG). 4-Desmethyl, 4-methyl and 4,4′-dimethyl sterols or triterpene alcohols, which were isolated as free sterols or which resulted from hydrolysis, were determined by thin layer chromatography-flame ionization detection and identified by gas chromatography and combined gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Free sterols comprise the… CONTINUE READING