Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko: Towards Liberation

  title={Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko: Towards Liberation},
  author={Pal Ahluwalia and Abebe Zegeye},
  journal={Social Identities},
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(2001). Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko: Towards Liberation. Social Identities: Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 455-469. 
Biko: Africana Existentialist Philosopher
One of the curious features of African intellectual life in South Africa is, as is the case with Afro-Caribbean philosophy, “the near absence of an explicitly cultivated philosophical tradition:”1Expand
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Self- and group-focused internalized racism, anxiety, and depression symptoms among African American adults: A core self-evaluation mediated pathway
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Does Steve Biko have more to offer medical ethics than his death
Submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of MSc (Med) in Bioethics and Health Law, Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics, University of the Witwatersrand. Johannesburg, 25 January 2015
Upright and free: Fanon in South Africa, from Biko to the shackdwellers’ movement (Abahlali baseMjondolo)
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The Word Nigger as Racialized and Non-Racialized : A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis on the N-Word in a Canadian Society
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Death Scene Protester: An Aboriginal Rights Activist in 1920s London
DOI 10.1215/00382876-1382294 © 2011 Duke University Press This is all that is left of my people.” So Australian Aboriginal protester and sometime toy seller Anthony Martin Fernando is said to haveExpand
Abstract This article revisits the notion of radical planning from thestandpoint of the global South. Emerging struggles for citizenship in theglobal South, seasoned by the complexities ofExpand


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