Frank Yates, 12 May 1902 - 17 June 1994

  title={Frank Yates, 12 May 1902 - 17 June 1994},
  author={David J. Finney},
  journal={Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society},
  pages={554 - 573}
  • D. J. Finney
  • Published 1 November 1995
  • History
  • Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
Frank Yates, one of the greatest statistical scientists of his generation, was born on 12 May 1902, the only son of Percy and Edith Yates of Didsbury, Manchester. He had four younger sisters, two of whom, Dr Edna Oakeshott and Mrs Olive Canton, survive him. Percy Yates was educated at Manchester Grammar School, but, partly for health reasons, left when only 16. He eventually became junior partner in the family seed merchant business in Shudehill, Manchester. The firm, founded in 1826 as a… 
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In pursuit of a science of agriculture: the role of statistics in field experiments
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The paper will examine the British agricultural institution, Rothamsted Experimental Station, where statistical methods nowadays popular in the planning and analysis of field experiments were developed in the 1920s, and reveals how the role attributed to statistics in field experimentation defined different pursuits of agricultural research.
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  • History
    Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society
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This is the first Fisher Memorial Lecture and it might be thought that it should deal with some facet of Fisher's work, but in a sense it does indeed do so, for to Fisher computing was very much a part of statistics, and a necessary adjunct to the development of mathematical theory.
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A new method of arranging variety trials involving a large number of varieties
  • F. Yates
  • Mathematics
    The Journal of Agricultural Science
  • 1936
A new method of arranging variety trials involving large numbers of varieties is described. This type of arrangement, for which the name pseudo-factorial arrangement is proposed, enables the block
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SUMMARY The behaviour of the t test based on Tukey's one degree of freedom for non-additivity is investigated by a small Monte-Carlo trial on two types of nonnormal data. As is to be expected, the
A simple procedure for the analysis of experiments on mixtures of varieties or species of agronomic interest
Summary This paper re-analyses three experiments for which results have previously been published. A simpler model for aggression, based only on the proportions of the component yields of the mixed
A complex pig-feeding experiment
  • F. Yates
  • Biology
    The Journal of Agricultural Science
  • 1934
The experiment showed that green food was essential to young pigs under the conditions of the experiment, and that pigs feeding on a wet mash grew at a faster rate than pigs fed on dry meal, the difference being due to the greater quantity of food consumed by the former.
The Effect of Climatic Variations on the Plasticity of Soil
1. It is shown that the plasticity of a soil, as measured by the flow-plasticity test, is correlated with soil temperature and moisture. Although the measurement is made on a paste of the soil made
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R.F. YATES Rothamsted Experimental Station received 3o.iv.47 euros in funding from the European Union in 2016, up from 2.9m euros in 2015.