Franco and Hitler: The Myth of Hendaye 1940

  title={Franco and Hitler: The Myth of Hendaye 1940},
  author={Paul Preston},
  journal={Contemporary European History},
  pages={1 - 16}
  • P. Preston
  • Published 1 March 1992
  • History
  • Contemporary European History
The Hitler/Franco encounter at Hendaye in October 1940 was a central myth of Francoist propaganda. Allegedly, faced with threats and blandishments to force Spain into war on the Axis side, Franco coolly stood his ground and thereby secured Spanish neutrality. However, there is little evidence that Hitler did threaten Franco. His purpose in travelling to Hendaye, and to Montoire where he met Laval and Pétain, was to compare the relative cost of closer relationships with Spain and Vichy France… 

Franco’s Choice: The Reevaluation of Spain’s Neutrality and Non-Belligerence During the Second World War

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