Francisella acid phosphatases inactivate the NADPH oxidase in human phagocytes.

  title={Francisella acid phosphatases inactivate the NADPH oxidase in human phagocytes.},
  author={Nrusingh Prasad Mohapatra and Shilpa Soni and Murugesan V. S. Rajaram and Pham My-Chan Dang and Tom J. Reilly and Jamel El-Benna and Corey D. Clay and Larry S. Schlesinger and John S Gunn},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={184 9},
Francisella tularensis contains four putative acid phosphatases that are conserved in Francisella novicida. An F. novicida quadruple mutant (AcpA, AcpB, AcpC, and Hap [DeltaABCH]) is unable to escape the phagosome or survive in macrophages and is attenuated in the mouse model. We explored whether reduced survival of the DeltaABCH mutant within phagocytes is related to the oxidative response by human neutrophils and macrophages. F. novicida and F. tularensis subspecies failed to stimulate… CONTINUE READING


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