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France overseas: The Great War and the climax of French imperial expansion

  title={France overseas: The Great War and the climax of French imperial expansion},
  author={Christopher M. Andrew and A. Sydney Kanya-Forstner},
Outpost for Power Projection: A Chinese Perspective of French Military Bases on African Continent
Foreign military bases are the important means for power projection. Particularly in Africa, French military bases are the symbol of its sphere of influence, which have been strengthening France’s
Colonial Empires after the War/Decolonization | International Encyclopedia of the First World War (WW1)
The First World War saw the colonial empires of France and Britain mobilised to aid European and imperial war efforts. This mobilisation and the difficulties of demobilisation placed considerable
Italy’s Empire Project Accepted
The Infantilization of the Colonized: Medical and Psychiatric Descriptions of Drinking Habits in the Colonial Maghreb
This chapter will focus on publications by doctors and psychiatrists, as their status as widely accepted experts and as alleged pillars of science and modernity made their statements, in the eyes of their French readership, more authoritative than those of other authors.
An Oily Entente: France, Britain, and the Mosul Question, 1916-1925
ABSTRACT The First World War saw the emergence of a ‘politics of oil’/politique de pétrole centred on energy security. On both sides of the Channel, ministers toyed with different ways of achieving
A Tale of Two Expeditionary Forces: Religion and Race in the Dardanelles and France
Race and religion animated social, cultural, and political structures during the First World War and these were reflected in both the French Corps expeditionnaire d’Orient (CEO) and the American
Great Britain in French Policy Conceptions at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919
ABSTRACT During the First World War, France and Britain forged the most intimate and comprehensive political, economic, and military alliance in history. The contributions of Britain and its Empire
Coalition Strategy and the End of the First World War
When the Germans requested an armistice in October 1918, it was a shock to the Allied political and military leadership. They had been expecting, and planning for, the war to continue into 1919, the
Colonialism in global conflict: Liberia’s entry and participation in World War One
ABSTRACT On 10 April 1918, Germany assaulted Monrovia in retaliation for Liberia’s entry into World War One. While the Liberian government could not and did not resist the attack, it remained
“It is quite impossible to receive them”: Saving the Musa Dagh Refugees and the Imperialism of European Humanitarianism
The current Syrian Civil War and the refugee crisis it has fueled is the latest in a long series of crises to affect the region, stretching back to the early twentieth century. Among the many