Framing a Young Nun's Initiation: Early Modern Convent Entry Sermons in the Habsburg Lands. Vestiges of a Lost Oral Culture1

  title={Framing a Young Nun's Initiation: Early Modern Convent Entry Sermons in the Habsburg Lands. Vestiges of a Lost Oral Culture1},
  author={Veronika {\vC}apsk{\'a}},
  journal={Austrian History Yearbook},
  pages={33 - 60}
Sermons represent the main type of sources related to convent entry ceremonies in early modern Central Europe. Other textual sources seem to be quite rare (e.g., songs) or formulaic (e.g., written professions). Visual and material sources (portraits, strands of hair) are also scarce. Yet the significance of entry or monachization sermons in this respect has hardly been recognized. The aim of this article is to contribute to their due scholarly appreciation by demonstrating the interpretative… 



On the Convent Threshold: Poetry for New Nuns in Early Modern Italy*

Abstract In early modern Italy the entry of a woman into a nunnery was celebrated with lyric poems composed by male friends and would-be friends of the woman’s family, and, on occasion, by the woman

Discipline, Vocation, and Patronage: Spanish Religious Women in a Tridentine Microclimate

This article analyzes the impact of Trent in Valladolid through the three lenses that defined the experience of female religious: monastic discipline, vocation, and patronage. The letter of Trent,

Emperors, Kingdoms, Territories: Multiple Versions of the Pietas Austriaca?

The author proposes to enlarge the model of the Pietas Austriaca formulated by Anna Coreth by including material from non-Austrian core lands of the Habsburg monarchy. Using sources mainly from

Framing as a theory of media effects

A process model of framing is developed, identifying four key processes that should be addressed in future research: frame building, frame setting, individual-level processes of framing, and a feedback loop from audiences to journalists.

"Fragrant wedding roses": Lutheran wedding sermons and gender definition in early modern Germany.

  • S. Karant‐Nunn
  • History
    German history : the journal of the German History Society
  • 1999

In the Austrian State Library the editions of 1745 and 1769 share the shelf mark 214331-A; the 1776 edition has the shelfmark 254967-A. On Massillon, see Françoise Deconinck-Brossard

  • Sermons. Oraisons funébres et professions religieuses (Paris, 1745, 1769, 1776)

Fräule Barbara Rosina Freyin von Millenau das heilige Ordenskleid der Gesellschaft der heiligen Ursulae ... an sich genommen

    Auferbäulicher Tugend-Wandel Weyland der Hochwürdigen in Gott wohlgebohrnen

    • Nunberg zu Saltzburg Würdigster Abbtissin: Bey hochansehlich-gehaltener Erd-Bestättigung auf der Trauer-Cantzel einem vornehmen, und Volck-reichen auditorio vorgetragen

    Frau Maria Scholastika Augustina, gebohrne Gräfin von Wicka etc

    • Benediktiner-Frauenstiftes am Nonnberg zu Salzburg ... bey Hochderselben Beerdigung in der Stiftskirche allda den 27 Brachmonaten 1783 gehalten

    More recently, an attempt to decentralize the concept has been made by Marie-Elizabeth Ducreux

    • cf. Anna Coreth, Pietas Austriaca
    • 2011