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Framework for Automatic Examination Paper Generation System

  title={Framework for Automatic Examination Paper Generation System},
  author={Ashok Immanuel and Tulasi}
Knowledge has considerable impact on functioning of society. Information and knowledge are two main pillars on which progress of mankind stands. To create competent citizens educational institutions play a pivotal role and they need to reinvent the process of teaching learning to achieve it. One of the means of identifying the impact of teaching learning is assessment. Assessment plays a pivotal role in complementing the learning process. With the evolution of technology, the assessment… 

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Dank leistungsstarker moderner Zugangshardware-Tools wie dem Universal Access Device 3+ and besonders breitbandiger Trace-Schnittstellen werden heutzutage ohne weiteres bis zu vier Gigabyte Trace-Daten aufgezeichnet werde, ermöglicht die Find-All-Funktion der UDE4.8.
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  • Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computers in Education
  • 2013
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