Framework for Aboriginal-guided decolonizing research involving Métis and First Nations persons with diabetes.

  title={Framework for Aboriginal-guided decolonizing research involving M{\'e}tis and First Nations persons with diabetes.},
  author={Judith G. Bartlett and Yoshitaka Iwasaki and Benjamin H. Gottlieb and Darlene Kordich Hall and Roger C Mannell},
  journal={Social science & medicine},
  volume={65 11},
This paper documents the process of implementing an Aboriginal-guided research approach to examining the lived experiences of Métis and First Nations peoples with diabetes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A newly developed Aboriginal-oriented process framework for decolonizing research includes, in order of application, the six processes of rationalizing, enabling, facilitating, experiencing, accepting, and enacting decolonizing research. We review the key methodological elements of our research… CONTINUE READING

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