Frameshift Mutations in Repeat Sequences of ANK3, HACD4, TCP10L, TP53BP1, MFN1, LCMT2, RNMT, TRMT6, METTL8 and METTL16 Genes in Colon Cancers

  title={Frameshift Mutations in Repeat Sequences of ANK3, HACD4, TCP10L, TP53BP1, MFN1, LCMT2, RNMT, TRMT6, METTL8 and METTL16 Genes in Colon Cancers},
  author={S. Y. Yeon and Y. S. Jo and Eun Ji Choi and M. Kim and N. Yoo and S. Lee},
  journal={Pathology & Oncology Research},
Diminished ANK3 contributes to cell survival by inhibiting detachment-induced apoptosis. TP53BP1 that interacts with p53 and MFN1 that encodes a mitochondrial membrane protein are considered to have tumor suppressor gene (TSG) functions. HACD4 involving fatty acid synthesis and TCPL10 with transcription regulation functions are considered TSGs. Many genes involved in DNA methylations such as LCMT2, RNMT, TRMT6, METTL8 and METTL16 are often perturbed in cancer. The aim of our study was to find… Expand
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