Frailty as a dysruption of steroid "syncrinology" in elderly man.

  title={Frailty as a dysruption of steroid "syncrinology" in elderly man.},
  author={Giorgio Valenti},
  journal={Acta bio-medica : Atenei Parmensis},
  volume={78 Suppl 1},
In the background of the endocrinological hypothesis of aging, frailty in man can be seen as a dysruption of syncrinology, a term with which we could define the harmonized activity of steroid hormones (DHEAS, cortisol, testosterone). Such endocrine age-related modifications might promote the activation of sarcopenia, which exerts a core position in the progression of frailty in the elderly. Consequently, the use of replacement treatment in order to delay the beginning of such steroid… CONTINUE READING