Fragmentation of News Audience

  title={Fragmentation of News Audience},
  author={Thomas Ksiazek},
  journal={The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies},
  • Thomas Ksiazek
  • Published 29 April 2019
  • Political Science
  • The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies
Taking a Break from News: A Five-nation Study of News Avoidance in the Digital Era
Abstract This article comparatively examines news avoidance in a rapidly changing media environment. We utilize findings from a large dataset of 488 in-depth interviews with media consumers,


Are News Audiences Increasingly Fragmented? A Cross-National Comparative Analysis of Cross-Platform News Audience Fragmentation and Duplication
The move to high-choice media environments has sparked fears over audience fragmentation. We analyze news audiences across media platforms (print, television, and online) in 6 countries, going beyond
The Seeds of Audience Fragmentation: Specialization in the Use of Online News Sites
Contemporary normative concerns that the Internet might fragment national audiences and polities are based on suggestions that the medium is particularly conducive to specialized use. However,
Beneath the Veneer of Fragmentation: Television Audience Polarization in a Multichannel World
This study reviews the history of television audience fragmentation in the United States and uses a secondary analysis of Nielsen peoplemeter data to assess the current state of both fragmentation
The Dynamics of Audience Fragmentation: Public Attention in an Age of Digital Media
This work offers a theoretical framework for understanding fragmentation and advocates for more audience-centric studies, operationalized by applying network analysis metrics to Nielsen data on television and Internet use.
Breaking Up America
  • 1997