Fragility and robustness analysis of a multistorey RC building

  title={Fragility and robustness analysis of a multistorey RC building},
  author={Milo{\vs} {\vC}oki{\'c} and Radomir J. Foli{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers},
  • M. Čokić, R. Folić
  • Published 10 February 2021
  • Engineering
  • Journal of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers
The robustness of a reinforced concrete (RC) five-storey building (frame system stiffened by walls) is analysed in the paper. A high ductility class structure is designed in accordance with structural Eurocodes. The response of the structure to eight different scenarios of the ground floor vertical element loss is analysed. Nonlinear Static Analysis (NSA) and Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (NDA) methods are used for the robustness analysis. Fragility curves of the building are derived from… 
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