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Fragile Dominion: Complexity and the Commons

  title={Fragile Dominion: Complexity and the Commons},
  author={Simon A. Levin},
* Biodiversity and Our Lives: A Cautionary Tale * The Nature of Environment * Six Fundamental Questions * Patterns in Nature * Ecological Assembly * The Evolution of Biodiversity * On Form and Function * The Ontogeny and Evolution of Ecosystems * Where Do We Go From Here? Complexity and Commons 
Navigating Social–Ecological Systems: Living with disturbance: building resilience in social–ecological systems
Disturbances such as fire, cyclones, and pest outbreaks create variation in natural systems and ecosystem renewal that may be important for the maintenance of biological diversity. Many natural disExpand
Humans and Seagrasses in East Africa : A social-ecological systems approach
The present study is one of the first attempts to analyze the societal importance of seagrasses (marine flowering plants) from a Natural Resource Management perspective, using a social-ecological sExpand
The diversity–stability debate
This issue — commonly referred to as the diversity–stability debate — is the subject of this review, which synthesizes historical ideas with recent advances and concludes that declines in diversity should be expected to accelerate the simplification of ecological communities. Expand
Community ecology: stasis, evolution or revolution?
A major goal in community ecology is to explain patterns of diversity using a minimum number of parameters. This requires that observations, experiments and models are able to capture how ecologicalExpand
Managing and Sustaining Ecosystems
Human activities influence all of Earth’s ecosystems. This chapter summarizes the principles by which important ecological properties can be sustained to meet the needs of ecosystems and society.
In Rhizomia : Actors, Networks and Resilience in Urban Landscapes
With accelerating urbanization it is crucial to understand how urban ecosystems play a part in generating ecosystem services for urban dwellers, such as clean water, spaces for recreation, stress rExpand
Community assembly and the emergence of ecosystem pattern
Dynamical models of community assembly and metapopulation dynamics in dynamic landscapes are explored, and individual-based approaches to the control of element cycles are discussed. Expand
Global Ocean Futures : Governance of marine fisheries in the Anthropocene
This PhD thesis provides an analysis of how an adaptive governance approach can be applied to address existing and emerging challenges in global governance with a focus on marine, wild-capture fishExpand
Freshwater for resilience: a shift in thinking.
  • C. Folke
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences
  • 2003
A broader view of freshwater provides the foundation for hydrosolidarity, with the social and institutional dimension of catchment management highlighted and features of social-ecological systems for resilience building presented. Expand
Adaptive Management on Danube Delta’s Biodiversity
Biodiversity is a heritage of life that could hold the information needed for the wellbeing of human kind. The challenge of biodiversity preservation was addressed by various management solutions,Expand