Fractures and phenylketonuria.

  title={Fractures and phenylketonuria.},
  author={L. G. Greeves and Dennis J. Carson and Anna Magee and Christopher C. Patterson},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={86 3},
Parent or self-reported history of fractures in a group of patients aged from 0.3 to 33.6 years on dietary treatment for phenylketonuria was studied by means of a questionnaire. Twenty-one of 85 patients had a history of fracture compared with 18/98 sibling controls. There was no significant difference in the lifetime risk of fracture between patients and controls (chi 2 = 1.43, df = 1, p = 0.23), but a significantly higher risk of fracture was reported over the age of 8 y (chi 2 = 5.11, df = 1… CONTINUE READING