Fracture strength of all-ceramic crowns.

  title={Fracture strength of all-ceramic crowns.},
  author={Masao Yoshinari and Tore B D{\'e}rand},
  journal={The International journal of prosthodontics},
  volume={7 4},
The fracture strengths of four types of all-ceramic premolar crowns (conventional Vita-Dur, In-Ceram, Dicor, and IPS-Empress) were compared after a preload cycling in aqueous atmosphere. Preload cycling significantly decreased the strength of Vita-Dur crowns. Fracture strength of Vita-Dur crowns was improved when they were luted with either polyalkenoate or adhesive resin cement. The average (standard deviation) of load to fracture of ceramic crowns luted using zinc phosphate cement and after… CONTINUE READING