Fracture of the femoral stem of the Ring TCH hip prosthesis.

  title={Fracture of the femoral stem of the Ring TCH hip prosthesis.},
  author={Linda F. Wilson and Jesse Nolan and M B Heywood-Waddington},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British volume},
  volume={74 5},
We report the clinical and operative details of seven cases of fracture of the femoral stem of the Ring TiMESH cementless hip prosthesis (two were cemented and five uncemented). Six fractures occurred in the proximal one-third of the stem and one at mid-stem. The failures are attributed mainly to two defects in stem design, the narrowness of the anteroposterior dimensions and the depth of the recess for the titanium mesh pads. Great difficulty was experienced in removing the osseo-integrated… CONTINUE READING

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