Fracture epidemiology and control in a developmental center.

  title={Fracture epidemiology and control in a developmental center.},
  author={G S Lohiya and Francis M. Crinella and Lilia Tan-Figueroa and Sofia Caires and Sonia Lohiya},
  journal={The Western journal of medicine},
  volume={170 4},
During 3.5 years, 182 fractures occurred among 994 residents of a developmental center. The fracture rate was 5.2 per 100 person-years (1.7 times greater than the rate in the US population). Fracture rate was significantly greater in residents with: epilepsy, older age, male gender, white race, independent ambulation, osteoporosis, and residence in intermediate care (versus skilled nursing) units; it was not affected by severity of mental retardation. Hand and foot bones were fractured in 58… CONTINUE READING