Fracture Risk in Perimenopausal Women Treated with Beta-Blockers

  title={Fracture Risk in Perimenopausal Women Treated with Beta-Blockers},
  author={Lars Rejnmark and Peter Vestergaard and Moustapha Kassem and Bo Rud Christoffersen and Niels Kolthoff and Kim Brixen and Leif Mosekilde},
  journal={Calcified Tissue International},
Î22-adrenergic receptors have been identified on human osteoblastic and osteoclastic cells, raising the question of a sympathetic regulation of bone metabolism. We investigated effects of treatment with Î2-adrenergic receptor antagonists (Î2-blockers) on bone turnover, bone mineral density (BMD), and fracture risk. Within the Danish Osteoporosis Prevention Study (DOPS) a population based, comprehensive cohort study of 2016 perimenopausal women, associations between treatment with Î2-blockers… CONTINUE READING