Fractionation of urine to allow desmosine analysis by radioimmunoassay.

  title={Fractionation of urine to allow desmosine analysis by radioimmunoassay.},
  author={Barry C. Starcher and M Scott},
  journal={Annals of clinical biochemistry},
  volume={29 ( Pt 1)},
The present study was designed to re-evaluate the radioimmunoassay for desmosine in urine, which is currently used as a measure of elastin metabolism. Using ion exchange chromatography, gel filtration and affinity chromatography it was shown that at least five other compounds in hydrolysates of human urine competed for desmosine in the RIA. Fractionating the urine prior to hydrolysis with acetone removed one of the major contaminants. The other contaminants could subsequently be removed by… CONTINUE READING


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