Fractionated radiotherapy and radiosurgery of intracranial meningiomas.

  title={Fractionated radiotherapy and radiosurgery of intracranial meningiomas.},
  author={Julian Biau and Toufic Khalil and Pierre Verrelle and J. J. Lemaire},
  volume={64 1},
This review focuses on the role of radiosurgery and fractionated radiotherapy in the management of intracranial meningiomas, which are the most common benign intracranial tumors. Whenever feasible, surgery remains a cornerstone of treatment in effective health care treatment where modern radiotherapy plays an important role. Irradiation can be proposed as first-line treatment, as adjuvant treatment, or as a second-line treatment after recurrence. Stereotactic radiosurgery consists of delivering… CONTINUE READING