Fractional integration for Laguerre expansions

  title={Fractional integration for Laguerre expansions},
  author={George Gasper and Krzysztof Stempak and Walter Trebels},
  journal={Methods and applications of analysis},
The aim of this note is to provide a fractional integration theorem in the framework of Laguerre expansions. The method of proof consists of establishing an asymptotic estimate for the involved kernel and then applying a method of Hedberg [5]. We combine this result with sufficient (p, p) multiplier criteria of Stempak and Trebels [10]. The resulting sufficient (p, q) multiplier criteria are comparable with necessary ones of Gasper and Trebels [3]. Our notation is essentially that in [10]. Thus… 

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The Hardy-Littlewood theorem on fractional integration for Fourier series says that if Iag Zn#O tnl-ak(n)eint, then I, is bounded from LP to Lq, where 1 -1, be the Laguerre polynomial of degree n and

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(1.1) \\sn{x)U{x)\\p g C||/(x)F(x)||p where sn is the «th partial sum of a Hermite or Laguerre series for/(x), U{x) and V{x) are suitable weight functions and the norm is over ( — 00,00) in the

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