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Fractional Integrals and Derivatives: Theory and Applications

  title={Fractional Integrals and Derivatives: Theory and Applications},
  author={Stefan Samko and Anatoly A. Kilbas and O. I. Marichev},
Fractional integrals and derivatives on an interval fractional integrals and derivatives on the real axis and half-axis further properties of fractional integrals and derivatives other forms of fractional integrals and derivatives fractional integrodifferentiation of functions of many variables applications to integral equations of the first kind with power and power-logarithmic kernels integral equations fo the first kind with special function kernels applications to differential equations. 
The properties of Bessel-type fractional derivatives and integrals
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The integral analogue of the Leibniz rule for fractional calculus and its applications involving functions of several variables
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2 Fractional Derivatives and Differential Forms 2 . 1 Differential Forms
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