Fractional Brownian motion time-changed by gamma and inverse gamma process

  title={Fractional Brownian motion time-changed by gamma and inverse gamma process},
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Time-changed generalized mixed fractional Brownian motion and application to arithmetic average Asian option pricing
In this paper we present a novel model to analyze the behavior of random asset price process under the assumption that the stock price pro-cess is governed by time-changed generalized mixed
Tempered fractional Langevin–Brownian motion with inverse β-stable subordinator
Time-changed stochastic processes have attracted great attention and wide interests due to their extensive applications, especially in financial time series, biology and physics. This paper pays
Lévy-walk-like Langevin dynamics
Continuous time random walks and Langevin equations are two classes of stochastic models for describing the dynamics of particles in the natural world. While some of the processes can be conveniently
Subordinated Processes with Infinite Variance
In this paper we consider three models of subordinated processes. A subordinated process, called also a time-changed process, is defined as a superposition of two independent stochastic processes. To
Time-Averaged Statistics-Based Methods for Anomalous Diffusive Exponent Estimation of Fractional Brownian Motion
The anomalous diffusive processes are widely discussed in the research papers. In contrast to the diffusive processes with the linear second moment, they are characterized by the nonlinear variance.
Fractional Lévy stable motion time-changed by gamma subordinator
Abstract In this paper a new stochastic process is introduced by subordinating fractional Lévy stable motion (FLSM) with gamma process. This new process incorporates stochastic volatility in the
Lévy Processes Linked to the Lower-Incomplete Gamma Function
We start by defining a subordinator by means of the lower-incomplete gamma function. This can be considered as an approximation of the stable subordinator, easier to be handled in view of its finite
Some Time-changed fractional Poisson processes
In this paper, we study the fractional Poisson process (FPP) time-changed by an independent Levy subordinator and the inverse of the Levy subordinator, which we call TCFPP-I and TCFPP-II,
Fractional Poisson Process Time-Changed by Lévy Subordinator and Its Inverse
In this paper, we study the fractional Poisson process (FPP) time-changed by an independent Lévy subordinator and the inverse of the Lévy subordinator, which we call TCFPP-I and TCFPP-II,
Generalized Inv-Log-Gamma-G processes
Abstract Gamma processes belong to subordinators for which very small jumps occurs infinitely many times in any finite time interval but their sums are finite. Here we consider their novel and


On the First Passage time for Brownian Motion Subordinated by a Lévy Process
In this paper we consider the class of Lévy processes that can be written as a Brownian motion time changed by an independent Lévy subordinator. Examples in this class include the variance-gamma (VG)
Calibration of the Subdiffusive Arithmetic Brownian Motion with Tempered Stable Waiting-Times
In the classical analysis many models used to real data description are based on the standard Brownian diffusion-type processes. However, some real data exhibit characteristic periods of constant
Correlation structure of time-changed fractional Brownian motion
Fractional Brownian motion (fBm) is a centered self-similar Gaussian process with stationary increments, which depends on a parameter $H \in (0, 1)$ called the Hurst index. The use of time-changed
Fractional Laplace motion
Fractional Laplace motion is obtained by subordinating fractional Brownian motion to a gamma process. Used recently to model hydraulic conductivity fields in geophysics, it might also prove useful in
Lévy Processes
Lévy processes are random processes on Euclidean space that are stochastically continuous and have stationary independent increments. They, and their stochastic integrals, have become useful tools in
Fractional Lévy stable motion can model subdiffusive dynamics.
  • K. Burnecki, A. Weron
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2010
We show in this paper that the sample (time average) mean-squared displacement (MSD) of the fractional Lévy α -stable motion behaves very differently from the corresponding ensemble average (second
Geometric Brownian Motion with Tempered Stable Waiting Times
One of the earliest system that was used to asset prices description is Black-Scholes model. It is based on geometric Brownian motion and was used as a tool for pricing various financial instruments.
Subordinated diffusion and continuous time random walk asymptotics.
A correspondence between CTRWs and time and space fractional diffusion equation stemming from two different methods aimed to accurately approximate anomalous diffusion processes is focused on.
Modeling anomalous diffusion by a subordinated fractional Lévy-stable process
Two phenomena that can be discovered in systems with anomalous diffusion are long-range dependence and trapping events. The first effect concerns events that are arbitrarily distant but still
Modified cumulative distribution function in application to waiting time analysis in the continuous time random walk scenario
The continuous time random walk model plays an important role in modelling of the so-called anomalous diffusion behaviour. One of the specific properties of such model is the appearance of constant