Fractality in nonequilibrium steady states of quasiperiodic systems.

  title={Fractality in nonequilibrium steady states of quasiperiodic systems.},
  author={Vipin Kerala Varma and Cl{\'e}lia de Mulatier and Marko Znidaric},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={96 3-1},
We investigate the nonequilibrium response of quasiperiodic systems to boundary driving. In particular, we focus on the Aubry-André-Harper model at its metal-insulator transition and the diagonal Fibonacci model. We find that opening the system at the boundaries provides a viable experimental technique to probe its underlying fractality, which is reflected in the fractal spatial dependence of simple observables (such as magnetization) in the nonequilibrium steady state. We also find that the… 
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