Fractal structures for low-resistance large area AlGaN/GaN power transistors

  title={Fractal structures for low-resistance large area AlGaN/GaN power transistors},
  author={R. Reiner and P. Waltereit and F. Benkhelifa and S. Muller and S. M{\"u}ller and H. Walcher and S. Wagner and R. Quay and M. Schlechtweg and O. Ambacher},
  journal={2012 24th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs},
This work introduces a new design approach for the use of fractal structures for low-resistance large area transistors structures. Aspects of layout with adapted current density and high-area utilization are considered. Furthermore the work presents a realization of fractal structures in AlGaN/GaN technology. Both static and dynamic behaviors are characterized. The fabricated devices achieve a breakdown voltage of VBR >; 700V and on-state currents of ID = 40A at VGS = 1V. 
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