Fractal-shaped microstrip coupled-line bandpass filters for suppression of second harmonic

  title={Fractal-shaped microstrip coupled-line bandpass filters for suppression of second harmonic},
  author={Il Kwon Kim and Nickolas Kingsley and Matt Morton and Ramanan Bairavasubramanian and J.. Papapolymerou and M. M. Tentzeris and Jong-Gwan Yook},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
In this paper, microstrip coupled-line bandpass filters using a Koch fractal shape are proposed for the first time. These filters are fabricated on a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate for Ku-band. Conventional microstrip coupled-line filters are very popular for RF front ends because they can be fabricated easily. However, their large second harmonic causes the shape of the passband to be asymmetric in the upper band and it worsens the skirt properties. By proper design, the second… CONTINUE READING
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