Fractal scattering of Gaussian solitons in directional couplers with logarithmic nonlinearities

  title={Fractal scattering of Gaussian solitons in directional couplers with logarithmic nonlinearities},
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Scattering of solitons in binary Bose–Einstein condensates with spin-orbit and Rabi couplings

In this paper, we study the scattering of solitons in a binary Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC) including SO and Rabi couplings. To this end, we derive a reduced ODE model in view to provide a

Modulation of localized solutions in an inhomogeneous saturable nonlinear Schrödinger equation

In this paper we study the modulation of localized solutions by an inhomogeneous saturable nonlinear medium. Throughout an appropriate ansatz we convert the inhomogeneous saturable nonlinear

Espalhamento de gaussons em acopladores ópticos direcionais

Essa dissertacao apresenta o trabalho de pesquisa que teve como foco o estudo de solitons em sistemas nao-integraveis governados por modelos efetivos de equacoes diferenciais parciais (EDPs) de



Short-lived two-soliton bound states in weakly perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation.

In the frame of a simple two-particle model, the nonlinear map is derived, which generates the fractal pattern similar to that observed in the numerical study of soliton collisions.

Chaotic character of two-soliton collisions in the weakly perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

The exact two-soliton solution to the unperturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equation is analyzed and it is predicted that in a weakly perturbed system soliton collisions can be strongly inelastic and this effect is a reason for chaotic soliton scattering.

Unified model for partially coherent solitons in logarithmically nonlinear media

We investigate the propagation of a partially coherent beam in a nonlinear medium with logarithmic nonlinearity. We show that all information about the properties of the beam, as well as the

Separatrix Map Analysis for Fractal Scatterings in Weak Interactions of Solitary Waves

Previous studies have shown that fractal scatterings in weak interactions of solitary waves in the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equations are described by a universal second‐order

Fractal structure in the collision of vector solitons

  • YangTan
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 2000
It is shown that the separation velocity versus collision velocity graph has a fractal structure, and this fractal dependence of the collision is explained by a resonance mechanism between the translational motion of vector solitons and internal oscillations inside a vector soliton.

Complexity and regularity of vector-soliton collisions.

  • Y. TanJ. Yang
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2001
This paper shows that for collisions of orthogonally polarized and equal-amplitude vector solitons, when the cross-phase modulational coefficient beta is small, a sequence of reflection windows similar to that in the phi(4) model arises, and shows that when vectorsolitons have different amplitudes, the collision structure simplifies.


This paper studies the perturbation of the improved version of the nonlinear Schrodinger's equation that governs the propagation of solitons through nonlinear optical fibers. The semi-inverse