Fractal noise strength in auditory-nerve fiber recordings.


Discharge patterns recorded from single auditory-nerve fibers have demonstrated long-range dependence, with the count variance-to-mean ratio growing as a power of the counting time for times greater than 0.1-1 s. The intent of this study is to provide a large dataset to enable a more detailed investigation of this phenomenon. Based on 108 recordings from a cat, we conclude that the presence of the fractal noise in the discharge rate is independent of characteristic frequency and stimulus level, but does depend on discharge rate. We measured the low-frequency power of the fractal noise, finding its coefficient of variation to range between 6% and 26% and to decrease as firing rate increases. Such behavior is consistent with multiplicative fractal variations in models of the hair cell membrane permeability to neurotransmitter. Measured standard deviations of spike rate correspond to a sound-pressure level difference limen of approximately 1 dB.

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