Fractal extra dimension in Kaluza-Klein theory

  title={Fractal extra dimension in Kaluza-Klein theory},
  author={Igor I. Smolyaninov},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Kaluza-Klein theory in which the geometry of an additional dimension is fractal is considered. In such a theory the mass of an elementary electric charge appears to be many orders of magnitude smaller than the Planck mass, and the ``tower'' of masses which correspond to higher integer charges becomes aperiodic. 

The Casimir Effect for Parallel Plates in the Spacetime with a Fractal Extra Compactified Dimension

The Casimir effect for massless scalar fields satisfying Dirichlet boundary conditions on the parallel plates in the presence of one fractal extra compactified dimension is analyzed. We obtain the

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Casimir Effect at Finite Temperature in the Presence of One Fractal Extra Compactified Dimension

We discuss the Casimir effect for massless scalar fields subject to the Dirichlet boundary conditions on the parallel plates at finite temperature in the presence of one fractal extra compactified

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Fractals: Form, Chance and Dimension

This is the most extraordinarily beautiful book in thought and in form that I have read for many years, and that is all the more peculiar for its being a somewhat technically mathematical treatise.


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