Fractal Dimension of Airspaces of Preterm Rabbit Lungs

  title={Fractal Dimension of Airspaces of Preterm Rabbit Lungs},
  author={Gregory P. Heldt},
  journal={Pediatric Research},
The fractal dimnension (Df), defined as the ratio of the variability of a measured quantity to the scale over which the quantity is measured, describes its self-similarity and spatial heterogeneity I computed Df of the airspaces in the lungs of rabbits (27d gest.) treated with air, Exosurf (EXO), or rabbit (RAB) surfactant (n=4 each). The left lung was video imaged at 40X in situ through a window cut in the chest wall. Images were captured at end-insp. during ventilation (PIP/PEEP=25/0 cmH2O… CONTINUE READING