Fractal Analysis: Revisiting Pollock's drip paintings

  title={Fractal Analysis: Revisiting Pollock's drip paintings},
  author={Katherine Jones-Smith and Harsh Mathur},
Arising from: R. P. Taylor, A. P. Micolich and D. Jonas Nature 399, 422; 1999 Taylor et al. replyWe investigate the contentions that Jackson Pollock's drip paintings are fractals produced by the artist's Lévy distributed motion and that fractal analysis may be used to authenticate works of uncertain provenance. We find that the paintings exhibit fractal characteristics over too small a range to be usefully considered as fractal; their limited fractal characteristics are easily generated without… 
Fractal analysis of tree paintings by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)
It is suggested that Piet Mondrian's depiction of tree foliages exhibit fractal patterns of a specific dimension, which implies that fractality may possess an aesthetic value that affected Mondrian, perhaps in a similar way as it inspired Jackson Pollock, another famous painter who incorporated fractality in several of his paintings.
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“Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.”- Alfred North Whitehead The basic building blocks upon which the natural world is built are Fractals. Recognizing these patterns in
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Intricate patterns in abstract art many times can be wrongly characterized as being complex. Complexity can be an indicator of the internal dynamic of the whole system, regardless of the type of
Multiple visual features, regularization and machine learning for the authentication of Jackson Pollock's drip painting
Jackson Pollock’s action paintings|in which he dripped, poured, and splashed liquid paint onto canvases on the oor|are some of the most important works in American Abstract Expressionism. There are
What makes a Pollock Pollock: a machine vision approach
These experiments show that the uniqueness of Pollock's drip painting style is not reflected merely by fractals, but also by other numerical image content descriptors that reflect the visual content.
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I investigate whether mathematical measures can characterize Bridget Riley's stripe paintings. This is motivated by three considerations: (1) stripe paintings are an incredibly constrained art form,
Fractal Art and Architecture Reduce Physiological Stress
Human beings are apparently tuned to prefer an environment that has the self-similar properties of a fractal, which implies that particular fractal environments are healing, or at least buffer us from life’s stresses.
Computer Analysis Reveals Similarities between the Artistic Styles of Van Gogh and Pollock
ABSTRACT Recent advances in computer vision and image processing have enabled basic automatic analysis of visual art. The author uses computer analysis to extract thousands of low-level numerical


Fractal analysis of Pollock's drip paintings
Scientific objectivity proves to be an essential tool for determining the fundamental content of the abstract paintings produced by Jackson Pollock in the late 1940s. Pollock dripped paint from a can
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Between 1943 and 1952, Jackson Pollock created patterns by dripping paint onto horizontal canvases. In 1999 the authors identified the patterns as fractal. Ending 50 years of debate over the content
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The similarity in fractal dimensions of paint blobs in samples of gestural expressionist art implies that these pigment structures are statistically indistinguishable from one another. This
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Fractal analysis has been used to assess the authenticity of paintings purporting to be the work of Jackson Pollock, finding that some aregeries and others are genuine.
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This book is a blend of erudition, popularization, and exposition, and the illustrations include many superb examples of computer graphics that are works of art in their own right.
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Many of you know the meaning of the terms percolation and polymers better than I do, and the last words in the title, “almost everything else”, do not deserve comment — as yet. Therefore I begin by
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The notion of the abundance of fractals is critically re-examined in light of surprising data regarding the scaling range in empirical reports on fractality.
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Preface 1. Introduction and overview 2. One-dimensional maps 3. Strange attractors and fractal dimensions 4. Dynamical properties of chaotic systems 5. Nonattracting chaotic sets 6. Quasiperiodicity