Frühformen der myatrophischen Lateralsklerose mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des bulbärparalytischen Initialsyndroms


Between 1951 and 1968 there were 45 inpatients (20 ♂, 25 ♀) with the diagnosis of myatrophic lateralsclerosis (ALS). The mean age of incidence of symptoms was 55,7 years, the crest of the manifestation curve lies between 50 and 69 years of age. The initial symptoms usually occurred in the upper extremities, the second type was the socalled initial… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00342953


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@article{Girke2004FrhformenDM, title={Fr{\"{u}hformen der myatrophischen Lateralsklerose mit besonderer Ber{\"{u}cksichtigung des bulb{\"a}rparalytischen Initialsyndroms}, author={W. Girke and Dr. J. Kovař{\'i}k}, journal={Archiv f{\"{u}r Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankheiten}, year={2004}, volume={213}, pages={105-120} }