Frühe Belege für den Umlaut von ahd. /u/, /ō/ und /ū/

  title={Fr{\"u}he Belege f{\"u}r den Umlaut von ahd. /u/, /ō/ und /ū/},
  author={A. G{\"u}tter},
  • A. Gütter
  • Published 2011
  • History
  • The twelve names from 827 to 957 with umlaut of OHG /u/, /ō/ and /ū/ (ten place names, one river name and one brook name) which are dealt with in the article prove that umlaut of vowels other than OHG /a/ existed long before the end of the 10th century (Notker). Nine of these names are found in original documents, among them the two oldest and most important, the place names Puirron 827 and Puillacha 828. Both testify to the existence of the phonemes // and /ü/ in Old High German as early as… CONTINUE READING
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