Fréchet Queries in Geometric Trees

  title={Fr{\'e}chet Queries in Geometric Trees},
  author={Joachim Gudmundsson and Michiel H. M. Smid},
Let T be a tree that is embedded in the plane and let ∆ > 0 be a real number. The aim is to preprocess T into a data structure, such that, for any query polygonal path Q, we can decide if T contains a path P whose Fréchet distance δF (P,Q) to Q is less than ∆. For any real number ε > 0, we present an efficient data structure that solves an approximate version of this problem, for the case when T is c-packed and each of the edges of T and Q has length Ω(∆): If the data structure returns NO, then… CONTINUE READING


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