Foxp2 regulates neuronal differentiation and neuronal subtype specification.

  title={Foxp2 regulates neuronal differentiation and neuronal subtype specification.},
  author={Yi-Chi Chiu and Ming-Yang Li and Yuan-Hsuan Liu and Jing-Ya Ding and Jenn-Yah Yu and T Wang},
  journal={Developmental neurobiology},
  volume={74 7},
Mutations of the transcription factor FOXP2 in humans cause a severe speech and language disorder. Disruption of Foxp2 in songbirds or mice also leads to deficits in song learning or ultrasonic vocalization, respectively. These data suggest that Foxp2 plays important roles in the developing nervous system. However, the mechanism of Foxp2 in regulating neural development remains elusive. In the current study, we found that Foxp2 increased neuronal differentiation without affecting cell… CONTINUE READING
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