Foxo1 Is Required for Normal Somatotrope Differentiation.

  title={Foxo1 Is Required for Normal Somatotrope Differentiation.},
  author={Jyoti Kapali and Brock E. Kabat and Kelly L Schmidt and Caitlin E Stallings and Mason D Tippy and Deborah O. Jung and Brian S. Edwards and Leah B Nantie and Lori T Raeztman and Amy M. Navratil and Buffy S. Ellsworth},
  volume={157 11},
The etiology for half of congenital hypopituitarism cases is unknown. Our long-term goal is to expand the molecular diagnoses for congenital hypopituitarism by identifying genes that contribute to this condition. We have previously shown that the forkhead box transcription factor, FOXO1, is present in approximately half of somatotropes at embryonic day (e) 18.5, suggesting it may have a role in somatotrope differentiation or function. To elucidate the role of FOXO1 in somatotrope… CONTINUE READING