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Fourmis et Coccinelles. Revue bibliographique et observations nouvelles

  title={Fourmis et Coccinelles. Revue bibliographique et observations nouvelles},
  author={N. Berti and M. Boulard and C. Duverger},
Interactions between ants and aphidophagous and coccidophagous ladybirds
The chemical and physical defences that coccinellids use against ant aggression are described and whether these have evolved as general anti-predator deterrents or specifically in response to ants are considered. Expand
Review of the tribe Hyperaspidini Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) from Iran.
The Iranian species of the tribe Hyperaspidini Mulsant, 1846 (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) are reviewed and diagnostic characters of the male genitalia of all species distributed in Iran are shown. Expand
A Natural History of Ladybird Beetles
The Coccinellidae are a family of beetles, known variously as ladybirds or ladybugs. In Britain alone, some 46 species belong to the Coccinellidae family, although only 26 of these are recognisablyExpand
The ladybird Thalassa saginata, an obligatory myrmecophile of Dolichoderus bidens ant colonies
The larvae and pupae of the ladybird Thalassa saginata develop inside colonies of the dolichoderine ant Dolichoderus bidens, the first specific and obligatory relationship recorded between ants and ladybirds. Expand