Fourier-transform holographic microscope

  title={Fourier-transform holographic microscope},
  author={Waleed Haddad and David Cullen and Johndale C. Solem and James W. Longworth and L A McPherson and Keith Boyer and Charles K. Rhodes},
  booktitle={Electronic Imaging},
A camera system suitable for microholography has been constructed, tested, and applied to the imaging of biological materials. The design of this instrument is compatible with operation over a very wide spectral range spanning from visible to x-ray wavelengths. In order to evaluate its properties, visible light Fourier transform microholograms of biological samples and other test targets have been recorded and digitally reconstructed using a glycerol microdrop as a reference wave scatterer… 
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On-chip differential interference contrast microscopy using lensless digital holography
Using an incoherent source with a large aperture, in-line holograms of micro-objects are created, which interact with a uniaxial crystal and an absorbing polarizer, encoding differential interference contrast information of the objects on the chip.
Physical phase compensation in digital holographic microscopy
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Lensfree on-chip microscopy over a wide field-of-view using pixel super-resolution
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