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Fourier-Stieltjes transform defined by induced representation on locally compact groups

  title={Fourier-Stieltjes transform defined by induced representation on locally compact groups},
  author={Y. I. Akakpo and Kofi S. Assiamoua and Koffi Enakoutsa and Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou},
Abstract. In this work we extend the Fourier-Stieltjes transform of a vector measure and a continuous function defined on compact groups to locally compact groups. To do so, we consider a representation L of a normal compact subgroup K of a locally compact group G, and we use a representation of G induced by that of L. Then, we define the Fourier-Stieltjes transform of a vector measure and that of a continuous function with compact support defined on G from the representation of G. Then, we… 



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