Fourier Sparsity, Spectral Norm, and the Log-Rank Conjecture

  title={Fourier Sparsity, Spectral Norm, and the Log-Rank Conjecture},
  author={Hing Yin Tsang and Chung Hoi Wong and Ning Xie and Shengyu Zhang},
  journal={2013 IEEE 54th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science},
We study Boolean functions with sparse Fourier spectrum or small spectral norm, and show their applications to the Log-rank Conjecture for XOR functions f(x ⊕ y) - a fairly large class of functions including well studied ones such as Equality and Hamming Distance. The rank of the communication matrix M<sub>f</sub> for such functions is exactly the Fourier sparsity of f. Let d = deg<sub>2</sub>(f) be the F<sub>2</sub>-degree of f and DCC(f · ⊕) stand for the deterministic communication… CONTINUE READING
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