Fourier-Mukai transforms of slope stable torsion-free sheaves on Weierstrass elliptic threefolds

  title={Fourier-Mukai transforms of slope stable torsion-free sheaves on Weierstrass elliptic threefolds},
  author={Jason Lo},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
  • J. Lo
  • Published 10 October 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Algebra



Fourier-Mukai and Nahm Transforms in Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Integral functors.- Fourier-Mukai functors.- Fourier-Mukai on Abelian varieties.- Fourier-Mukai on K3 surfaces.- Nahm transforms.- Relative Fourier-Mukai functors.- Fourier-Mukai partners and

Fourier-Mukai transforms of slope stable torsion-free sheaves on a product elliptic threefold

  • J. Lo
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Mathematics
  • 2019

Preservation of semistability under Fourier–Mukai transforms

For a trivial elliptic fibration $$X=C \times S$$X=C×S with C an elliptic curve and S a projective K3 surface of Picard rank 1, we study how various notions of stability behave under the

Weight functions, tilts, and stability conditions

In this article, we treat stability conditions in the sense of King, Bridgeland and Bayer in a single framework. Following King, we begin with weight functions on a triangulated category, and

Fourier-Mukai transforms and stable sheaves on Weierstrass elliptic surfaces

On a Weierstrass elliptic surface $X$, we define a `limit' of Bridgeland stability conditions, denoted as $Z^l$-stability, by varying the polarisation along a curve in the ample cone. We describe

Tilting in Abelian Categories and Quasitilted Algebras

Holomorphic bundles on 2-dimensional noncommutative toric orbifolds

We define the notion of a holomorphic bundle on the noncommutative toric orbifold T θ/G associated with an action of a finite cyclic group G on an irrational rotation algebra. We prove that the

On stability conditions for the quintic threefold

  • Chunyi Li
  • Mathematics
    Inventiones mathematicae
  • 2019
We study the Clifford type inequality for a particular type of curves $$C_{2,2,5}$$C2,2,5, which are contained in smooth quintic threefolds. This allows us to prove some stronger Bogomolov–Gieseker

Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties

Needless to say, tlie prototype of classification theory of varieties is tlie classical classification theory of algebraic surfaces by the Italian school, enriched by Zariski, Kodaira and others. Let