Four-vessel umbilical cord associated with multiple congenital anomalies.


A case is described in which it was found at autopsy that the umbilical cord of a macerated stillborn infant had four patent vessels (two arteries and two veins) throughout its length. This was due to a rare persistence of the caudal portion of the right umbilical vein. The infant had multiple congenital anomalies including complete thoracic ectopia cordis, a symmetrical bifid liver, severe bilateral cleft lip and palate with absent soft palate and uvula , and cecum mobile. The autopsy findings are detailed and the relevant literature and embryology briefly discussed.


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@article{Painter1977FourvesselUC, title={Four-vessel umbilical cord associated with multiple congenital anomalies.}, author={Dorothy M. Painter and Peter Russell}, journal={Obstetrics and gynecology}, year={1977}, volume={50 4}, pages={505-7} }