Four-point conformal blocks with three heavy background operators

  title={Four-point conformal blocks with three heavy background operators},
  author={Konstantin Borisovich Alkalaev and Mikhail Pavlov},
We study CFT2 Virasoro conformal blocks of the 4-point correlation function $$ \left\langle {\mathcal{O}}_L{\mathcal{O}}_H{\mathcal{O}}_H{\mathcal{O}}_H\right\rangle $$ with three background operators $$ \mathcal{O} $$H and one perturbative operator $$ \mathcal{O} $$L of dimensions ΔL/ΔH ≪ 1. The conformal block function is calculated in the large central charge limit using the monodromy method. From the holographic perspective, the background operators create AdS3 space with three conical… CONTINUE READING

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