Four new nematode species (Araeolaimida: Comesomatidae, Diplopeltidae) from the New Zealand continental slope.

  title={Four new nematode species (Araeolaimida: Comesomatidae, Diplopeltidae) from the New Zealand continental slope.},
  author={Daniel Leduc},
  volume={4237 2},
  • D. Leduc
  • Published 27 February 2017
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
Four new nematode species of the order Araeolaimida are described from the continental slope of New Zealand: Sabatieria megadena sp. n., Pararaeolaimus tetradenus sp. n., Southerniella parasimplex sp. n., and Diplopeltula cuspidiboja sp. n. The present study provides the first record of the genus Pararaeolaimus in the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone. Pararaeolaimus megaloamphidus Timm, 1961, Diplopeltula mollis Bussau, 1993 and Diplopeltula peruensis Bussau, 1993 are considered species… 
Two new and one known deep-sea Comesomatidae Filipjev, 1918 species (Nematoda: Araeolaimida) from New Zealand’s continental margin
Analyses based on D2-D3 of LSU sequences suggest that Sabatieria, Hopperia, and Dorylaimopsis are not monophyletic; instead, species/genera from the same region tended to cluster together, suggesting that features that characterize the genera Hoppersia and Dories, such as a buccal cavity with teeth and an expanded posterior portion, have evolved multiple times independently.
Sabatieria sinica sp. nov. (Comesomatidae, Nematoda) from Jiaozhou Bay, China
This new species could be distinguished from other congener species by the combination of its characteristics: body size, length of cephalic setae, number of amphid turns, structures of spicules and gubernaculum, and type and number of precloacal supplements.
Neodiplopeltula gen. nov. from the west coast of Sweden and reappraisal of the genus Diplopeltula Gerlach, 1950 (Nematoda, Diplopeltidae)
The new genus Neodiplopeltula gen. nov. is proposed to accommodate those species from the genus Diplopeltula Gerlach, 1950 that possess the following morphological characters: amphids in the shape of
Three new and five known species of Diplopeltoides Gerlach, 1962 (Nematoda, Diplopeltoididae) from Sweden, and a revision of the genus
Eight species of Diplopeltoides are described from the Swedish west coast and the following taxonomic changes are proposed.
Order Araeolaimida De Coninck & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1933


Two new species and a new record of Comesomatidae (Nematoda, Araeolaimida) from Southern Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand.
Two new species and one new species record of the family Comesomatidae are described from a submarine canyon habitat on the Southern Hikurangi margin, New Zealand and Laimella subterminata, originally described from the Beagle Channel and the Magellan Strait, is recorded from the Southwest Pacific for the first time.
Revision of Comesomatidae (Nematoda)
The gross and fine morphology of the family Comesomatidae is reviewed and the systematic position of its members revised and structure of the Sabatieria type is considered basic.
Bodonematidae fam. n. (Nematoda, Monhysterida) accommodating Bodonema vossi gen. et sp. n. from the deep-sea benthos of the Norwegian Sea
A new family Bodonematidae is established with Bodonema as the type genus based on adults and juveniles from the deep-sea benthos of the Norwegian Sea and the equally long setae of second and third crown of cephalic sense organs suggest a relationship within Axonolaimoidea.
Monhystera cameroni n.sp.-a nematode commensal of various crustaceans of the Magdalen Islands and Bay of Chaleur (Gulf of St. Lawrence).
The known cases of monhysterid nematodes showing commensalism with crustaceans are reviewed and a new one, that of Monhystera cameroni n. sp., described. Its relationship to M. socialis Butschli, 1...
Freeliving marine nematodes: Part III. Monhysterida. Synopses of the British Fauna No. 53
This Synopsis includes full species accounts of the monhysterids and also provides lists of species which are most commonly found in particular habitats, a feature which should prove especially
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