Four families of Weyl group orbit functions of B 3 and C 3

  title={Four families of Weyl group orbit functions of B 3 and C 3},
  author={Lenka H'akov'a and Jivr'i Hrivn'ak and Jivr'i Patera},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
The properties of the four families of special functions of three real variables, called here C-, S-, Ss-, and Sl-functions, are studied. The Ss- and Sl-functions are considered in all details required for their exploitation in Fourier expansions of digital data, sampled on finite fragment of lattices of any density and of the 3D symmetry imposed by the weight lattices of B3 and C3 simple Lie algebras/groups. The continuous interpolations, which are induced by the discrete expansions, are… 

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