Four-dimensional superconformal theories with interacting boundaries or defects

  title={Four-dimensional superconformal theories with interacting boundaries or defects},
  author={J. Erdmenger and Z. Guralnik and I. Kirsch},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • J. Erdmenger, Z. Guralnik, I. Kirsch
  • Published 2002
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • We study four-dimensional superconformal field theories coupled to three-dimensional superconformal boundary or defect degrees of freedom. Starting with bulk $\mathcal{N}=2,$ $d=4$ theories, we construct Abelian models preserving $\mathcal{N}=2,$ $d=3$ supersymmetry and the conformal symmetries under which the boundary/defect is invariant. We write the action, including the bulk terms, in $\mathcal{N}=2,$ $d=3$ superspace. Moreover we derive Callan-Symanzik equations for these models using… CONTINUE READING
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