Four cases of omental herniation in cattle.

  title={Four cases of omental herniation in cattle.},
  author={Bart Pardon and Geert Vertenten and Inge Durie and Jeroen Declercq and Dries Everaert and Paul Simoens and P. P. Deprez},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={165 24},
Four cases in cattle of omental herniation through an acquired omental rent are described. Clinical signs were indistinguishable from other causes of mechanical ileus and exploratory laparotomy was necessary to establish a diagnosis. In all cases a variably sized portion of jejunal loops was obstructed in an omental rent in the deep layer of the greater omentum. In two cases simple reduction was possible, and in one case incision of the hernial ring was necessary before reduction could be… CONTINUE READING
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